Sports Award Winners 2019


Sports Award Winners 2019

The 2019 Dio Sports Awards were held 25th October at Eden Park celebrating the talented sportswomen across the full range of sports code here at Dio.

The winners are

Individual Merit Awards 

This award is presented to students with a high level of ability or participation or may be awarded for service to their chosen sport. 

Mica Ngatai - Basketball
Emily Bashford - Cycling
Jemma Couillault - Football
Heidi van der Peet - Football
Mackenzie Alderson - Sailing
Katie Pearce - Hockey
Lauren Dunne - Hockey
Lulu Fulton - Hockey
Olivia Luxon - Lacrosse
Aksheen Dhillon - Lacrosse
Olivia Selby-Brown Lacrosse
Ella Cooper - Netball
Tegen Scott - Netball
Nadia Flood - Netball
Molly Crawford - Rowing
Victoria Hutt - Rowing
Lauren MacGillivray - Under Water Hockey
Chloe Chan - Under Water Hockey
Sophia Ernst - Volleyball
Sam Robinson - Water Polo
Zita Sumich - Water polo 5

Team Merit Awards 

This award is presented to Teams who have either won a Regional Event/Title or whom have gained a 2nd or 3rd placing at a North Island or Northern Regional Event. 

UWH Premier Team - NISS Bronze Blue Cert
U184 - Gold at Head of Harbour
U15 Quad - NISS Bronze
U15 Octuple - NISS Bronze
Equestrian Eventing Team - 3rd at NISS
Equestrian Dressage Team - 3rd at NISS
4x50m Fly Relay - Gold at AKL Champs
200m Back Relay - Gold at AKL Champs
14-15 Years Breaststroke Relay - Gold at AKL Champs
14 - 15 Years Medley Relay - Gold at AKL Champs
Senior Breaststroke Relay - Gold at AKL Champs

Spraggon McFarlane Cup 

The Spraggon McFarlane Cup is awarded each year to an outstanding Sports Captain. 

Mackenzie Alderson - Sailing

Mackenzie has taken the sport of sailing at diocesan to shores not seen before. The club currently has 45 members and the premier team is the top girls team in the country. But perhaps what Mackenzie is most well known for is her warm and bubbly personality. If you want to know why the club has grown look no further than Mackenzie. Her welcoming smile and support for any member of the squad is second to none. Mackeznie has served as the code captain for sailing for 3 years which is not to be underestimated. Over this time she has run numerous initiatives to grow not just the numbers in the squad but also the culture. Her organisation of these events has also been sublime with great communication and planning. Thanks for all of your service Mackenzie joint winner of the SMcF for 2019

Eleanor Spillane - Water Polo

You don't have quite so much success in a code without the right culture in place, the right leaders in place and the right support in place. Well in Eleanor Spilane water polo has had all of this covered. Eleanor is dependable someone who others know is always going to be there. She truly leads by example and puts others before herself. Its these qualities that make her such a special person to have in any team, code and school. Eleanor is not just a great leader and player - she is also a great servant of the game. Coaching teams for a number of years now and inspiring the next generation of players with her kind approach and detail. Hard work pays of and Eleanor your work has not only paid off for you but all those around you thank you so much - SMcF joint winner for 2019.

The Dio Sport Student official of the year 

Gabby de Latour 
The go to umpire for Diocesan netball in 2019 - Gabby de latour has been an incredible asset to the program. No matter the time, or notice given Gabby seems to always be able to help. Our lead umpire on Tuesdays and Saturdays her service is not to be under appreciated. Aside from her own umpiring Gabby also assists many of our junior umpires and encourages them to be confident and stay positive. It's not easy to give up so much time for something that often does not get the recognition and thanks that it deserves. But tonight Gabby we want to change that by thanking you and recognizing all that you have done and continue to do. 

Dio Sport Student Coach of the Year 

Victoria Hutt

What makes a good coach, is one of the most open ended questions one can ask. It requires organisation and planning, it also requires knowledge and tactic, it also requires motivational skills and people skills, frankly,  it requires more than most people have. However in one amazing human you have all of this - her name Victoria Hutt. Such a wide range of skills and such a strong understanding of servant leadership. Victoria can do it all and her team and in fact the entire netball community has benefited from this in 2019. It comes as no surprise with her at the helm her team were grade winners this year at ANC. Victoria has built a strong culture of inclusion and effort where girls can express themselves and play at their best. Thank you Victoria for your authentic approach yes you have all the skills but it takes something truly special to know how to use them. 

Distinction awards 

The Individual Distinction Award is presented to students with a very high level of ability and personal commitment to their sport. A student must have been recognized in their sport outside of their Diocesan achievements either Selected into a top Regional age group team, Won an Auckland or Regional title, or, Placed 2nd or 3rd at a NZSS championship event.

Blue Cert/Distinction Badge:
Alice Rabbitts - Aerobics
Francesca Masfen - Equestrian
Becki Williamson - Equestrian
Ellie Smith - Futsal
Kaya Blackler - Futsal
Eloise Robinson - Futsal
Bella Armstrong - Hockey
Sinead Venter - Hockey
Jess Wech -  Hockey
Fanni Meron - Rowing
Isabella Carter - Rowing
Zoe Mercer - Rowing
Anabella Eady - Skiing
Alice Waldow - Swimming
Nicole Lockie - Swimming & Under Water Hockey
Lucy McKinnon - Swimming
Jessica Hunter - Tennis
Ezetera Nanua - Touch Rugby
Deborah Huang - Under Water Hockey
Isabella Broadmore - Water Polo
Jessica Shorter-Robinson - Water Polo 

Team distinction awards 

These awards are presented to Teams who have either won a North Island Event or Title or whom have gained a 2nd or 3rd placing at a New Zealand Secondary School Championship. 

6 man cross country team - Blue Cert
Dragon Boating Standard Boat - NZSS Bronze in 500m & Silver in 2km
Dragon Boating Small Boat - NZSS Silver in 200m
Premier Ski Team - 1st Girls and 2nd Overall at NISS
Rowing U17 4 - NISS Gold
Rowing U15 8 - NISS Gold & Silver
Rowing U15 Quad - Maadi Bronze
Premier Swim Team - 2nd NZSS
Medley Relay - 3rd at NZSS
8x50m Free Relay - 2nd at NZSS

Dio Sport Coach of the year 

Jose Fowler 
What a year 2019 has been for Dio Cycling many have called it a resurgence. In just one season as head coach Jose Fowler has achieved so much. We could mention the improved results and the increased numbers but what has truly been special about this year it the culture within the club. Jose himself would say his approach is not about winning races but rather about making sure the girls are enjoying their riding and focusing on development and improvements. It is that approach that has led to this resurgence. Jose has put a focus on getting young riders into the club and put in a huge amount of effort to make this happen including taking the girls to new competitions that Dio has not competed at before. This man simply goes above and beyond and truly gets what secondary school sport is all about. Thank you Jose for your tireless support and work this year a most deserving winner. 

Volunteer of the year award 

This award recognizes outstanding Voluntary Service to better Sport at Diocesan.

Sarah & Warren Coullauilt
Well with 100% certainty I can say there has never been a couple at Diocesan that have given so much time and effort to the development and safe passage of Avocados. In all seriousness, these two have given an enormous amount of time to this community. Tonight we want to say a particular thanks to all you have done for the sport of Rowing. Warren you're leadership has seen Dio rowing has become one of the top programs in the country, your ability to do any task no matter how big or small or at what hour is truly special. Sarah your commitment to your many roles with catering, event organising, camp muming etc. is simply phenomenal. But what's most impressive about these two is their commitment and the way in which they have done all of these tasks for so many years. A can do attitude and a smile is what you are always met with. Our community has most certainly been a better place for having you in it. Your efforts will long remain on the Dio sporting landscape. Thank you sincerely on behalf of everyone in our community. 

Fuji Xerox Staff Contribution to Sport Award 

In any school, staff are crucial to the success of its sports programme, and this award recognizes outstanding contribution by a staff member.  

Kit Bushell 

For almost a decade this man has done it all for Dio football. From coaching, to managing, to refereeing, to running trials, to running holiday trainings you name it he's done it. It should also be mentioned that the number of nights away this man has done would put a strain on even the strongest relationship. Mr Bushell is an asset of immeasurable value to Dio sport. As a member of teaching staff what you bring with you in terms of building relationships for our students and their greater enjoyment of this school is again immeasurable. Thank you for your contribution Kit an extremely well deserved winner of the FXSCTS award for 2019.

Player of the Year Award 

For each code.

Basketball - Julia Henderson & Phoebe Duncan 
Cross Country - Arabella White
Cycling - Prue Fowler
Dragon Boating - Nadia Flood
Equestrian - Francesca Masfen
Fencing - Lena Jacob
Football - Charlotte Brown
Futsal - Heidi van der Peet
Hockey - Izzy Gill & Lucy Bannatyne
Lacrosse - Chelsea Sampson
Netball - Ella Cooper & Tegen Scott
Orienteering - Katie Ryan
Rowing - Charlotte Blakey
Sailing - Alice Haslett
Skiing - Anabella Eady
Swimming - Aimee Crosbie & Alice Waldow
Tennis - Sophie Michl
Touch - Ezetera Nanua
Triathlon - Georgia Hair
Underwater Hockey - Nicole Lockie
Water Polo - Morgan McDowall & Charlie Hooke 

Vicki Hearfield Cup 

Awarded in memory of Vicki Hearfield, a former Director of Sport at Dio. When Vicki joined Diocesan in 1989 she instituted the Sports Awards and the Awards Dinner at which the sporting achievements of our students are recognised. Vicki had great respect for students who showed an exceptionally high level of initiative, enthusiasm and passion for their chosen sports. The Hearfield Award recognises this and is presented each year to a student who has demonstrated these qualities.  

Lauren MacGillivray
Initiative, enthusiasm and passion for underwater hockey is what Lauren has shown in spades. In a sport that has long seen success at Diocesan Lauren’s passion for the game and its development is outstanding. Lauren genuinely cares about each girl in the sport and their enjoyment of it. Lauren communicates extremely well to keep everyone not just informed but feeling like they belong. This is the gold that she brings to the UWH community. From game draws to general updates and tips - lauren has it all. The UWH community will not be the same without you Lauren but your work to ensure its great culture is maintained and set for future years is what will keep the sport thriving. Thanks you for your service but more importantly your enthusiasm and passion for the sport.  

The Allison Roe Service to Sport Award 

Presented to a student who has contributed to Diocesan Sport as an athlete and a leader over their secondary school years. 

Ella Cooper
When you talk about what is great about Dio sport what is special about Dio sport - your talking about Ella Cooper. What a phenomenal job Ella did with sport at Diocesan this year. Ella leads by example and what and example she sets. Welcoming, inviting, dedicated, passionate the list goes on. Ella has tried her hand at many codes so it's not just netball that Ella has a strong connection with. Rowing, dragon boating and tennis are a few other sports that she has given a benefit to.  Its a positive attitude towards all challenges that makes Ella truly special it's not easy leading a council that people have so much interest in and so many opinions on but in 2019 Ella has done a stellar job of uniting all Dio codes and building a cross code culture along with it. Ella you have most certainly left your mark on this community and we will forever be better for it.

The Individual Blues Award 

Awarded to students who have been selected for a New Zealand age-group team or any athlete who has won a New Zealand age group individual title OR a senior team who has won a New Zealand Secondary School title. 

Alpine Skiing, Katie Crawford, National Junior (U21) New Zealand Champion 2019 - Slalom
Cross Country, Arabella White, Selected in the NZXC Team for Australian XC Champs 
Cycling, Prudence Fowler, National ITT, Road Race & Point Race Cham, as well as multiple other titles  - Representing NZ at Oceania Track this month
Football, Ella Russ, NZ Football National Age Group Tournament (U16), Played for NZ U17 Women’s Team in China Youth U16 Tournament, NZ Football Future Ferns Domestic Programme Apprentice 
Trampolining, Abigail Mills, Represented NZ in Australian Gymnastics Championships
Hockey, Alice McIlroy-Foster, Selected into NZ U18 Squad
Hockey, Izzy Gill, Selected into NZ U18 Squad
Hockey, Anna Bannatyne, Selected into NZ U18 Squad
Hockey, Lucy Bannatyne, Selected into NZ U18 Squad
Swimming, Jesse Welsh, 2019 NZ National Age Group Champion and Title holder for the 15 year old girls 100m backstroke
Swimming, Aimee Crosbie, 2019 AON NZ Nation Age Group Champs - 1st 50m Fly & 1st 100m Fly U15, NZSS 1st 50m Fly & 1st 100m Fly (U15), 1st 100m Fly (13-14yrs) Australian State Teams Champs (Oct 2018)
Orienteering, Cara Bradding, Member of the Dio Team who competed at the World Orienteering School Championships in Estonia this year
Orienteering, Olivia Collins, Member of the Dio Team who competed at the World Orienteering School Championships in Estonia this year
Orienteering, Katie Ryan, Member of the Dio Team who competed at the World Orienteering School Championships in Estonia this year
Orienteering, Jessica Sewell, Member of the Dio Team who competed at the World Orienteering School Championships in Estonia this year, NZSS - 1st Sprint Event 
Tennis, Sophie Michl, Competed in the NZ Tennis Championships - Top 8
Sailing, Zoe Dawson, Represented NZ at Oakcliff International Regatta, New York 2019 and Australia Women's Match Race Champs 2018 (2nd)
Water Polo, Eleanor Spillane, Selected into the NZ U17 Development Squad
Water Polo, Isabelle Jackson, Selected into the NZ U17 Development Squad
Water Polo, Maddie Gault, Selected into the NZ U17 Development Squad
Water Polo, Abby Allison, Selected into the NZ U17 Development Squad

Team blues Award

Presented to those teams who have won a national title or New Zealand championship.

2018 3 Person Road Race - 1st NZSS
2019 6 Person Road Race - 1st NZSS
Dragon Boating Small Boat - Gold NZSS 200m
Women’s Foil Team - NZSS Gold
Senior Girls Orienteering Relay Team - 1st NZSS
Premier Sailing Team - 1st NZSS
Premier Water Polo Team - Defending champions - 1st AKL, NISS & NZSS 

Diocesan Sports Team of the year 

The Premier Sailing Team 
Where the ocean meets the Dio sailing team was certainly sailing in 2019 and sailing fast. These girls are the top girls secondary school team in the country. In sport that has long had its success at Dio this was another stellar year for it. It takes great courage, commitment and a bit of risk to be successful on the seas, as well as great preparation and strategy. And it is safe to say this team has it all. But what is truly special it the teams willingness to perform for each other a willingness to really compete as a team. What a year you have had as individuals and as a team I know many of you have had to make huge sacrifices this year and it has certainly paid off - congratulations co-team of the year - Diocesan Premier sailing. 

The Diocesan Premier Water Polo Team
Auckland, North Island and National Champions, for not just one year but two years straight. Yes, that is amazing and yes that is history. never done before by any school. Perhaps the old sports adage of its harder to defend a championship than it is to win one was never told to these girls - because they defended 3. A team built on hard work, playing for each other and high standards they conquered all comers in 2019. This team had a huge target on them from day one and met that challenge with great confidence and poise. Individually 10 of these girls have represented NZ this year and with that talent often comes further challenge but these girls have made it all work - what a season - what team! congratulations co-winners of the team of the year - Diocesan premier water polo 

Honours Awards

Recognises achievement at the highest level.  The recipients will have demonstrated exceptional ability in their chosen fields, and this year all winners have represented New Zealand at a world championship event.

Lena Jacob - Fencing
Lena has a habit for winning and it doesn't look like that habit is going to be broken in 2019. After a stellar year in 2018 with multiple titles Lena followed up in 2019 with over 10 more. To name a few - NZ National Open women's foil winner, north and south island champion, nz secondary schools champion, NZ U17 champion, Australian U20 and U23 Champion and Oceanic U17 champion as a team and individual. Competing against the worlds best is where Lena thrives  and this year placed 8th at the european champs and competed at the asian and prestigious world champs with solid finishes in both. It's easy to say Lena has talent but what she really has is a determination and will that most others simply don’t. Attention to detail and always looking to improve are how she stays ahead of the game. Congratulations Lena on a brilliant year. 

Georgia Skelton - Mountain bike Orienteering & Orienteering
A double honours award winner where is proves tough to decide where to start. Georgia has represented NZ at world championship events in both codes - a stunning feat. Georgia goes about her business with little fuss and full steam. Making no excuses and training hard. Her orienteering feats in 2019 include winning, the Auckland and NZSS long events, representing NZ on 3 separate occasions in Australia, Estonia and Denmark, at the junior world champs and world school champs. Then to the mountain bike orienteering feats; winner of the women's 21 elite sprint champs, winner of all 3 distances at the NSW MTBO champs, selected as 1 of 2 to represent NZ at the Junior World MTBO champs and placing in the top 11 in 3 events!. The list goes on ladies and gentlemen - you may wonder how Georgia has managed to fit it all in. Congratulations Georgia what a 2019 you have had.

Alice Haslett - Sailing
Alice has a wisdom and ability on the water well above her age. She remains calm and focused no matter the elements. This comes from someone being able to have great trust in their abilities and  confidence that they have done all the right prep. Alice can do this as she trains diligently and takes no shortcuts. In 2019 Alice was selected to represent NZ at the world 420 champs in Portugal and in the open womens feat placed 19th - a fantastic result against the worlds best. Alice was also a key member of the dio premier sailing team which as we know won top girls school in NZ - her leadership and experience were crucial in this team's success. Alice what a great year it has been for you - we look forward to the future of your excellence and wish you the very best. 

Halle Rankin Haste - Trampolining 
A trampolining mastro - Halle Rankin hastie has soared to extreme heights in 2019. At the most recent NZ nationals Alice placed 2nd in the junior international division and at the most recent Australian champs alice placed 2nd as well but this competition carried significant weight as it was a qualification event for the world age group champs in December this year.  Needing a great performance to qualify Alice put on such a show she gained a personal best score in both the set routine and vol routine. Its that exact type of rising to an occasion that makes Alice such a competitor and special athlete. In a sport where the slightest missed alignment can spell disaster Alice shows great control and ease of movement. Congratulations Alice and we wish you the very best at the world champs in December we are all right behind you. 

Charlie Hooke - Water polo
The success of the Dio water polo program is well knowd, but perhaps less well known is how this success has actually happened. If you want a quick answer it's hard work something Charlie Hooke is not afraid of. Quick reactions, an ability to read the game, positioning of defenders, accurate throwing don’t just come by luck. Charlie is an all round talent with few weaknesses in her game because what others think is too hard to work on Charlie does. Charlie’s hard work has meant she has represented NZ  at the most recent trans Tasman challenge and the U20 junior world champs in Madeira this september. On both of these occasions her shot blocking prowess was on show. Charlie congratulations on what you have achieved you are far more than a great goalie - you are a great teammate and leader.  

Morgan McDowell - Water polo
It's easy to label talent as a reason for someone's success, but talent, frankly, doesn't cut it at the highest level. Morgan is talented that's for sure but it's the time and effort in training combined with an attitude to dominate no matter who she is playing is what makes her a true champion. This year Morgan was selected to represent NZ at the senior world champs in gwangju, china. The pinnacle event of the sport. As one of the top players in the country Morgan has already made a huge mark on the sport not just at Dio but in NZ. Furthermore,  as a member of the back-to back national champion water polo team Morgan has been a vital player and leader for the team. Morgan you have already achieved so much and with your attitude and effort we are sure you will achieve so much more. 

Sophie Shorter-Robinson - Water polo
Sophie plays at a level and ability most grown women aspire to. Sophie has become a water polo virtuoso and is only in year 11. A member of the many times mentioned tonight Dio premier water polo team - Sophie was a crucial goal scorer in many big games. 2019 saw Sophie selected to represent NZ at the junior women's world champs in madeira this September. At just year 11 this selection is not to be understated. In the pool Sophie is not just a goal scoring machine she uses great technique and knowledge to always be in the right place at the right time and most importantly finish. This is a wisdom and in-game skill that makes her a player everyone wants on their team. Sophie we congratulate you on a stellar 2019 and look forward to your bright future in the sport. 

Del Hooper’ Cup 

For outstanding individual achievement. 

Alice Haslett - Sailing
The achievement of placing in the top 20 in the world is remarkable. As mentioned earlier this stunning feat has come from Alice’s no shortcut approach to training. Which means she can perform at the highest level with great confidence and poise. Preparation is a huge part of achieving at the international level and for a young woman who balances so much alongside of sailing Alice is a fine example of prioritisation and planning. Alice has graced this stage many times over the years and tonight for the last time. Alice you have no doubt inspired many of the young sailors at Dio, showing them what is possible with comprehensive training and preparation. Congratulations once again on all you have achieved Alice an extremely well deserving co-winner of the Dell Hooper Cup for 2019

Morgan McDowell - Water Polo
What was left off Morgans earlier citation was the fact that not only did she represented NZ at the senior world champs she was also the 6th top goal scorer. So yes to put that in context that is the same achievement at a schoolboy playing for the All Blacks at the current world cup and being the 6th top try scorer. I'll let that one sink in for a second… wow. It's hard to imagine what it's like to have achieved so much at such a young age it's even harder to imagine the challenge that this must bring to an individual. Morgan has managed that challenge in 2019 with a maturity and attitude well beyond her years. There are many more great achievements on the way for Morgan but for now its worth truly acknowledging what you have already achieved and what a year this was for you. Congratulations - Dell Hooper Cup co-winner for 2019 Morgan McDowell 

Diocesan’s Premier Sportswoman of the year:

Georgia Skelton - Orienteering & Mountain Bike 

There just simply is not many people who represent their country at two world champs in two different codes in one year! But as we know this is what Georgia did in 2019 - a double honours award winner. Georgia your name will now be alongside some of Dio’s sporting greats and it certainly belongs thier what you have achieved is sensational. You have had an extremely busy year and are a testament to what dedication and a positive attitude can result in. You inspire all of us here tonight to be more than perhaps we ever imagined and like so many of tonight's winner you are a beacon of what is great about sport. You are someone to most certainly keep an eye on for the future and wish you all the very best in all of your future endeavours. 

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