Dio ​Sports Awards Winners 2018


Dio ​Sports Awards Winners 2018

Individual Merits

This Award is presented to students with a high level of ability or participation, or may be awarded for service to their chosen sport

Samantha van den Hurk Athletics
Flora Fan Badminton
Meghna Gautam Basketball
Eloise Cameron-Smith Cycling
Olivia Chitty Equestrian
Kitty Greensill Futsal
Anabel Withy Hockey
Izzy Gill Hockey
Emma Leaming Football & Rowing
Michaela Buckley Football
Sarah Morrison Football
Aimee Fairbairn Football
Gabriella Sansom Lacrosse & Volleyball
Antonia Sowter Lacrosse & Volleyball
Hattie Beaumont Lacrosse
Ella Jacobs Lacrosse
Ella Cooper Netball
Ruby Cotter Netball
Zoe Tinkler Netball
Elena Winstanley Netball
Briar Adams Netball
Rachel Speir Netball
Claudia Lamerton Netball
Izzy Avis Swimming & Water Polo
Charlotte Blakey Lifesaving
Olivia Coulter Lifesaving
Zora Dai Lifesaving & Volleyball
Sacha Sampson Rowing
Lauren Furley Rowing
Eleanor Giffiths Rowing
Grace Johnstone Rowing
Grace Michie Rowing
Valentina Rosenbaum-Raynish Rowing
Jessica Hunter Tennis
Jess Rolle Tennis
Mackenzie Alderson Sailing
Jess Huddart Underwater Hockey
Nauma Islam Underwater Hockey
Jenny Wang Underwater Hockey

Team Merits

This award is presented to teams who have won either a Regional event or title, or whom have gained a 2nd or 3rd placing at a North Island or Northern Regional Event. 

Diocesan Equestrian Eventing Team - 1st at AKSS
Diocesan Premier Sailing - 2nd at Regionals
Diocesan Premier Skiing - 2nd at NISS
Diocesan Premier Futsal Team - AKSS Premier Futsal League Winners
Diocesan Rowing U16 8+ - 1st HOH, 2nd NISS
Diocesan Rowing U16 4+ - 1st HOH, 2nd NISS
Diocesan Rowing U18 Novice 4 - 1st HOH
Diocesan Rowing U17 4+ - 2nd NISS

Individual Distinctions 

This award is presented to students with a very high level of ability and personal commitment to their sport. A student must have been recognised in their sport outside of their Diocesan achievements, by either:
-          being selected into a top Regional age group team or;
-          winning an Auckland or Regional title or;
-          placing 2nd or 3rd at a New Zealand Secondary School championship event.

Gabby Hayton Athletics
Jessica Li Badminton
Amelia Matthews Cycling
Rebecca Davey Equestrian
Francesca Masfen Equestrian
Antonia Verissimo Equestrian
Michaela Buckley Futsal
Ella Russ Futsal
Ellie Smith Futsal
Bella Armstrong Hockey
Mimi Bond Hockey
Anna Bannatyne Hockey
Alice McIlroy-Foster Hockey
Arabella Loveridge Hockey
Jamie Shorter Lacrosse
Olivia Selby-Brown Lacrosse
Cara Bradding Orienteering
India James Orienteering
Katie Crawford Skiing
Claudia Avis Swimming
Nicole Lockie Swimming & Underwater Hockey
Izzy Carter Rowing
Olivia Maxwell Rowing
Holly Schiele Rowing
Sadie Sumich Rowing
Fanni Meron Rowing
Sophie Michl Tennis
Jessica Shorter-Robinson Water Polo
Zita Sumich Water Polo

Team Distinction

This award is presented to Teams who have either:
-          won a North Island Event or Title or;
-          gained a 2nd or 3rd placing at a New Zealand Secondary School Championship Event.

Diocesan Underwater Hockey Premier Team - 3rd NZSS

Players of the Year 

This award is presented to the Most Valuable Players of each Sporting Code. 

Gabby Hayton Athletics
Jessica Li Badminton
Grace Michie Basketball
Emma Mason Lawn Bowls
Hetali Patel Cricket
India James Cross Country
Prudence Fowler Cycling
Sunny Zou Dragon Boating
Francesca Masfen Equestrian
Lena Jacob Fencing
Ella Russ Football
Ellie Smith Futsal
Anna Bannatyne Hockey
Izzy Gill Hockey
Zoe Tinkler Netball
Jessica Sewell Orienteering
Georgia Skelton Orienteering
Izzy Carter Rowing
Holly Schiele Rowing
Alice Haslett Sailing
Katie Crawford Skiing
Gina Galloway Swimming
Sophie Michl Tennis
Mimi Bond Touch
Montana Wilson Underwater Hockey
Sophia Ernst Volleyball
Morgan McDowall Water Polo
Shinae Carrington Water Polo

Individual Blues 

This award is presented to students who have either:
-          been selected for a New Zealand age-group team or;
-          won a New Zealand age group individual title

Prudence Fowler Cycling
Becki Williamson Equestrian
Hannah Irwin Fencing
Ella Russ Football
Lucy Bannatyne Hockey
Olivia Collins Orienteering
Jessica Sewell Orienteering
Georgia Skelton Orienteering
Conor Tarrant Swimming
Alice Waldow Swimming
Imogen Rodgers Swimming
Olivia Coulter Underwater Hockey
Montana Wilson Underwater Hockey
Abigail Allison Water Polo
Claudia Avis Water Polo
Eleanor Spillane Water Polo
Madeleine Gault Water Polo

Team Blues

This award is presented to teams who have won a New Zealand title or championship.

Diocesan U16 Duathlon Team - 1st NZSS Duathlon
Diocesan U20 Duathlon Team - 1st NZSS Duathlon
Diocesan Senior Orienteering Rogaine Team - 1st NZSS Rogaine Champs
Diocesan Senior Championships Orienteering Team - 1st NISS & NZSS
Diocesan Premier Fencing team - 1st NZSS Team Foil
Diocesan Premier Water Polo Team - 1st NZSS, NISS, AKSS
Diocesan Senior Swimming Team - 1st at Nationals
Diocesan Senior Medley Relay Team - 1st
Diocesan Senior 100m Freestyle Relay Team - 1st
Diocesan 50m Freestyle Relay Team - 1st 


This award recognises achievement at the highest level.  The recipients will have demonstrated exceptional ability in their chosen fields.  All winners will have represented New Zealand at a world championship event.

Lena Jacob Fencing
Georgia Skelton Mountain Bike Orienteering
Alice Haslett Sailing
Gina Galloway Swimming
Shinae Carrington Water Polo
Charlie Hooke Water Polo
Claudia Morgan Water Polo
Morgan McDowall Water Polo

Special Awards

Spraggon McFarlane Cup - Outstanding Code Captain
Mackenzie Alderson

Dio Sport Student Official of the Year
Lexie Etherington

Dio Sport Student Coaches of the Year
Ruby Cotter & Sophia Francis

Dio Sport Coach of the Year    
Angie Winstanley-Smith

Dio Sport Volunteer of the Year
Jimmy Matthews

Fuji Xerox Staff Contribution to Sport
Kate Pilkington 

Vicki Hearfield Cup - Initiative to sport
Emma Leaming

Allison Roe Service to Sport
Isobel Avis

Team of the Year
Premier Water Polo

Hell Hooper - Outstanding Individual Achievement
Georgia Skelton & Morgan McDowall

Barbara Kissling - Premier Sportswoman of the Year
Gina Galloway 

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