2020 Diocesan Senior Prizegiving


2020 Diocesan Senior Prizegiving

Year 11 Awards 

Year 11 – Academic Honours with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence

Sahaana Arunachalam Top in Subject Health Science and Psychology, Japanese, Subject Excellence Physical Science
Amie Cummack Top in Subject Classical Studies, Physical Science, Subject Excellence Level 2 Mathematics Calculus
Phoebe Duncan Top in Subject Geography, Subject Excellence Economics
Sarah Ellis Top in Subject Biological Science, Music, Spanish, Subject Excellence English, Top in Subject Level 3 Mathematics Calculus
Erica Hu Subject Excellence Level 2 Mathematics Calculus
Emma Parton Top in Subject Drama, Subject Excellence English
Ella Riley Subject Excellence English
Lucy Russ Top in Subject English, Latin, Mathematics, Top in Subject Level 2 History
Brielle Wallberg Subject Excellence English

Year 11 – Academic High Distinction with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence

Hannah Bell Top in Subject Accounting, Subject Excellence Mathematics, Science
Harriet Johnston
Jacinta Kelly
Sara MacGillivray
Elyse Neill
Lucia Partigliani

Riya Raniga
Anastasia Sun
Rylie Wilkinson
Sophia Winstanley
Subject Excellence English
Sarah Wong
Erin Zhang Top in Subject Science, Subject Excellence Mathematics

Year 11 – Academic Distinction with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence

Clementine Buchanan
Josephine Christie
Isabella Cleary
Top in Subject Business Studies, Economics, Subject Excellence Science
Karissa Couper
Evelyn Finlayson
Isobella Francis
Sienna French

Estie Hamilton
Olivia Hardie
Anna Hare
Katie Parr
Lucy Tucker
Haylie Wong
Sunny Zhang
Top in Subject French

Year 11 - Top in Subject Awards 

Applied Science – Poppy Pett
Chinese – Snowy Pha
Dance – Natasha Levene
Design & Visual Communication Alexandra Young
Digital Technologies & Subject Excellence Biological Science – Caitlin Tam
English for Literacy – Kara Lee
Food Design Technology – Madeleine Seymour
German – Emma Derold
History & Subject Excellence Design & Visual Communication - Amelia England
Material Design Technology – Matilda Fletcher
Mathematics Studies – Juliet Harland
Sports & Exercise Science – Shreeya Daji
Whaea Val Trophy for Year 11 Te Reo Māori – Alyssa Callander
Visual Creative Arts – Chantelle May
Visual Arts and Moving Image – Anei Todd

Year 11 - Subject Excellence Awards

Business Studies – Emily Cole-Baker
Science – Amelia Brawn

Year 11 - Special Awards 

English Language Award for Learners of English as another language – Sienna Zhang
National Art Supplies Award for Visual Arts – Alexandra Young
Heritage Foundation Dio Arts Award – Anastasia Sun
Arts Award –  Emma Parton
Sports Award – Sienna French & Chantelle May 

Year 12 Awards

Year 12 – Academic Honours with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence

Jemima Box Top in Subject Classical Studies, Economics, Latin,  Spanish, Vancouver Award for Outstanding Performance in Theoretical & Practical Physics Level 2, Subject Excellence English
Joomee Choi Top in Subject IB Diploma Korean A, English B & Mathematics
Jasmine Druskovich Top in Subject Accounting, Mathematics Statistics, Subject Excellence Biology
Arielle Friedlander
Charlotte Hulme Top in Subject Chemistry & Chinese, Subject Excellence Biology
Emilia Mackenzie Top in Subject IB Diploma Geography, Physics & Spanish
Natasha Mori Top in Subject French
Esther Oh Top in Subject IB Diploma, Biology, English A
Heidi van der Peet Subject Excellence Chemistry
Kate Wellington Top in Subject Biology, Subject Excellence English & Physics
Sarah Young Top in Subject National Arts Supplies Design & Visual Communication & Mathematics with Calculus 

Year 12 – Academic High Distinction with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence 

Samantha Blackmore Top in Subject Health Science and Psychology
Holly Graney Top in Subject Digital Technologies & Media Studies
Jasmine Ha Subject Excellence Chemistry & Level 3 Mathematics with Calculus
Priscilla Huang Top in Subject IB Diploma History & Japanese
Samantha Huddart
Lara Johns Top in Subject IB Diploma Chemistry & Economics
Shania Kumar Subject Excellence Mathematics Statistics
Bonnie Liu Subject Excellence History
Phebe Mason Top in Subject Business Studies , Drama
Angela Edgington Cup for Excellence in Historical Research
Ella Ross
Ella Wong 

Year 12 – Academic Distinction with Certificates for Top in Subject & Subject Excellence 

Cilla Austen
Madison Coldham Top in Subject Visual Arts Paint
Matilda Hol Top in Subject IB Diploma ITGS, Latin & Music
Rosie Leishman Top in Subject History of Art
Parn Nawakarnchaidit Top in Subject English for Literacy & Visual Art Design
Ava Phillimore Subject Excellence English
Amelie Thomas Top in Subject English
Madeleine van Leeuwen Top in Subject Visual Arts Photography
Alexandra Wright Top in Subject Geography

Year 12 - Top in Subject Awards 

IB Diploma French – Jessica Marshall
IB Diploma Chinese B – Sophie-Penny Yu
Dance – Sienna Gray
Food Design Technology – Josephine Hernon
Japanese – Abigail Holden
Material Design Technology – Brielle Manson
Mathematics – Ondine Payne
Music – Halle Gravatt
Sports & Exercise Science – Jesse Welsh
Te Reo Māori – Fiona 'Otai
Tourism – Isabella Klemick

Year 12 - Subject Excellence Awards 

Business Studies – Allegra Wilson
Economics – Madeleine Kirke
English – Halle Rankin Hastie

Year 12 - Special Awards 

Fiona Young Cup for Original Writing – Isabelle Jackson
Heritage Foundation Dio Arts Award - Helen Kim
Heritage Foundation Patricia France Award for Literacy in Fine Arts: - Natasha Mori
National Art Supplies Award for Visual Arts – Abigail Holden
Rosey Eady Prize for Photography Year 12 – Amy Thomson  
Sports Award – Sophie Shorter-Robinson
Arts Award – Halle Gravatt
Service Award – Maeve Diver 

The Heritage Foundation Dorothy Shrewsbury Bursary is named after Miss Shrewsbury a former Headmistress. Miss Dawn Jones established this bursary in 1983 with funds raised at the 80th Jubilee Concert.  This bursary is awarded to the Top Academic Student in Year 12 Jemima Box.

EY Visual Arts Prize. EY have a strong relationship with Diocesan and wish to recognise artistic excellence through this prize.  The Prize winner for 2020 is Sienna Zhang. 

Judge: Associate Professor Jill Smith, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland

Aptly titled ‘Seeker’, the style of Sienna’s painting, including its emphasis on tones of blue and expressive use of brushstrokes, is reminiscent of Picasso’s famous Blue Period paintings. In similar vein to Picasso, Siena’s artwork speaks of an ‘issue’ - in this case ‘histrionic or attention-seeking personality disorder’. Her focus on the ‘clown’, with its mask-like face, is a clever device to represent a character who illustrates the strategies of this personality disorder and finds themselves like actors in their everyday lives. The bright blue ‘eyes’ surrounding the clown personify those watching on or being watched. Above all, the strength of this submission is the confluence between Sienna’s artwork and the personal and artistic story she is telling.

Old Girls’ League Awards 

Mary Pulling was our Founding Headmistress from 1904 to 1926. The Mary Pulling Award recognises students who show potential and an outstanding contribution to the School in a wide range of areas. Students currently in Years 11 and 12 who will be continuing their education at the School next year are eligible for these Awards.  In making the selection, academic ability is a consideration, but the likely contribution of the student to the school is the deciding factor.
The Mary Pulling Award Year 11 Emma Parton
The Mary Pulling Award Year 12 Heidi van der Peet

Ethel Sandford was Headmistress from 1926 to 1932.  She was noted for her energy and determination as well as musical abilities. 
The Ethel Sandford Bursary for Music – Jessica Marshall 

Board Scholarships for 2020 

Academic Scholarships – Year 11

Amie Cummack
Sarah Ellis
Ella Riley
Lucy Russ

Academic Scholarships – Year 12

Jemima Box
Charlotte Hulme
Natasha Mori
Kate Wellington

Arts Scholarship 
The recipient of this scholarship demonstrates an exceptional level of skill in their chosen discipline and has had success at National level. This student displays a positive attitude and is fully involved in the Diocesan Arts programme, including representing the school in competitions and events, demonstrating a commitment to the wider arts culture within the school.
The Arts Scholarship is awarded to Matilda Hol

Sports Scholarship 
This year this will be awarded at the Junior High School Prize Giving

Principal’s Awards. 

Up to 8 Principal Awards are awarded for each year level to a student, who through her dedication and contribution to her studies and to others has demonstrated:
- Reliability and commitment 
- Creative thinking and innovation
- Resilience and persistence in accepting challenges
- Personal excellence
- Demonstration of the School motto “Ut Serviamus”

Principal's Awards – Year 11

Neve Cobham
Amie Cummack
Olivia Hardie
Isabelle Head
Harriet Johnston
Katie Parr
Emma Wilson
Sophia Winstanley

Principal's Awards – Year 12

Lily Bond
Jasmine Druskovich
Amelia Griffiths
Priscilla Huang
Lauren Jackson
Isabella Landon-Lane
Lucy McKinnon
Sophia Souloglou

Principal's Awards – Year 13

Luca Andrews
Mia Cobham
Kristen Hansen
Lily Hitchcock
Lauren Komie
Sarina Mackey
Stella Murray
Ella Russ

Year 13 Awards

Year 13 – Academic Honours and Subject Excellence Awards

Anna Casey
Amy Choi Subject Excellence Chemistry
Madeleine Frear
Deborah Huang
Sabreen Islam

Lena Jacob Subject Excellence English Written Language
Sarina Mackey
Alice Waldow
Diane Wang

Year 13 – Academic High Distinction and Subject Excellence Awards

Isobelle Brosnahan
Grace Cocker
Annelise Field
Teresa Gu
Chloé Hickin
Subject Excellence Biology
Milly Johnston
So-Yeon Lee
Hannah Mercer
Subject Excellence Physics
Emma Qiu
Sarah Tran
Elena Wood
Olivia Wrapson

Year 13 – Academic Distinction and Subject Excellence Awards 

Emma Badger
Emily Clelland
Vivian Ding
Hannah Flacks
Subject Excellence English Visual & Oral Language
Chelsea Goodale
Kristen Hansen
Daniela Lin
Nicole Lockie

Francesca Masfen
Abigail Mills
Gabrielle Sumner
Caitlin Wilkinson
Jessica Woo
Grace Yang
Zoe Zhu

Subject Excellence Award
Isabella Carter Subject Excellence Mathematics with Statistics
Bella Maher-Hampson Subject Excellence Level 3 Health Science & Psychology

Year 13 Top in Subject Awards

Year 13 – NCEA Awards

Accounting Award – Grace Yang
Photolife Art Design Award - Nancy-Jie Yin
Turnbull Cup for Senior Art – Jessica Hunter
Business Studies Award – Alexandra French
The Alastair Fleming Memorial Classical Studies Award – Alice Waldow
Heritage Foundation Lady Reeves Prize for Biology- Alice Waldow
Kim Percy Cup for Excellence in Chemistry – Anna Casey
Advanced Mathematics – Anna Casey
Religious Studies Award – Anna Casey
Dance Award – Emma Badger
English Visual/Oral Language Award -– Emma Badger
English Written Language Award – Amy Choi
Vancouver Award for Outstanding Performance in Theoretical & Practical Physics – Amy Choi
English for Literacy - Vivian Ding
One Tree Hill Borough Award for Progress in Japanese – Vivian Ding
Poulgrain Prize for Modern Languages – Vivian Ding
Drama Award – Emily Clelland
National Art Supplies Design & Visual Communication Award – Hope Stack
Digital Technologies – Chelsea Sampson
Technology - Fabrics Award for Innovation in Design – Chelsea Sampson
The Johnson Cup for Food Design Technology –Stella Murray
Economics Award – Prue Fowler 
Geography Award – Maya Sleigh
The Denise Atkins Cup for Excellence in Health Education – Sriya Garamilla
Hospitality & Food Technology cup donated by Margaret Hay – Hannah Mercer 
History of Art Award – Milly Johnston
Media Studies Award - Milly Johnston
History Award – Madeleine Frear
The Win Lewis Lamp for Latin – Madeleine Frear
Mathematics with Statistics – Lena Jacob
Mathematics – Eleanor Sloane
Music Award – Emma Qiu
Sally Symes Award for Excellence & Innovation in Photography – Charlotte Belch
The Anna Elvery Award for Excellence in Physical Education – Isobelle Brosnahan
Erina Murphy Memorial Prize for Te Reo Māori – Tara Lupo
Tourism Award for Overall Excellence & Commitment to the Tourism Course – Gabriella de Latour

Year 13 – IB Diploma Awards

Diploma English A, & Visual Arts – Elena Wood
Diploma Chinese A, English B, Theatre Studies Diane Wang
Diploma Chinese B – Lydia Kong
Diploma Japanese - Sarina Mackey
Diploma French – Zoe Zhu
Diploma, Lindsay Cooper Cup for Latin – Caitlyn Macintyre
Diploma Biology & French ab Initio– Grace Cocker
Diploma German, Mathematics - Teresa Gu
Diploma Chemistry, Economics & History – Deborah Huang
Diploma Geography – Sarah Tran
Diploma Physics - Grace Lin

IB Diploma Learner Profile Award. This is awarded to a student in Year 13, who, throughout the two years of the Diploma, has consistently demonstrated the attributes of the IB Learner Profile. The IB Learner Profile can be considered as a map of a lifelong journey in pursuit of international-mindedness.  It aims to develop active, compassionate and lifelong learners and to prepare students to make exceptional contributions both at school and beyond. The IB mission is to encourage students to be Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced, and Reflective, thus educating the whole person for a life of active, responsible citizenship. The recipient of this award is Diane Wang. 

Year 13 Special Awards 

Heritage Foundation Perdita Barclay Prize for Original Research in Geography – Sarah Tran
Heritage Foundation Cropper Prize for Senior Art – Helen Dunshea
MacCormick Mathematics Cup for Excellence in Mathematics- Isobelle Brosnahan
New Zealand Institute of Physics Award for Outstanding Contribution to Year 13 Physics – Gabrielle Sumner
National Art Supplies Award for Excellence in Visual Arts – Stella Murray
The Philosophy, Religion & Ethics Award – Anisha de Silva
Arts Award - Anisha de Silva
Service to Languages Award- Chloé Hickin
Service Award – Chloé Hickin
Sports Award – Zoe Dawson & Ella Russ
Heritage Foundation Elizabeth Webb Memorial Prize for Writing – Sacha Acland
Grayson Cup for Leadership & Initiative – Sacha Acland
Heritage Foundation Beale Awards for Service to the School – Sacha Acland & Sabreen Islam
The Rosey Eady Cup “Making a Difference” in the Arts – Sabreen Islam
Lawson Cup for Excellence and Commitment in Music – Anna Casey
The David Gordon Cup for Commitment and Excellence in the Arts – Anna Casey
Averill Award for Services to Performing Arts – Zoe Zhu & Pippa Morris
Vicki Hearfield Cup for initiative, enthusiasm, and passion for chosen sports – Nicole Lockie
Allison Roe Award for Service to Sport – Lena Jacob
Del Hooper Award for Outstanding Individual Sporting Achievement –  Prue Fowler & Morgan McDowall
Barbara Kissling Cup for Premier Sportswoman of the Year – Katie Crawford


Acknowledgement of students who have been accepted into American Universities.

Arabella Loveridge has been awarded a scholarship to Indiana University.  
This scholarship will cover her Tuition fees to the Value of $300,000 USD.  
She will be playing Hockey and studying IT. 

Alice Waldow has accepted a place at University of Southern California on a part Swim scholarship.

Morgan McDowell has a full 4 year sports scholarship to University of Hawaii.

Scholarships on behalf of University of Canterbury. University of Canterbury Hiranga Scholarship Emma Badger, Olivia Clark, Milly Johnston, Brooke Vincent

Scholarships on behalf of AUT. AUT Academic Excellence Prue Fowler

Scholarships on behalf of Lincoln University. Lincoln University – Future Leaders Scholarship Helen Dunshea 

Scholarships on behalf of Victoria University. Tangiwai Scholarships Danya Cornwell

Scholarships on behalf of Otago University.  

University of Otago New Frontiers Excellence Entrance Scholarship
Hannah Flacks, Freya Green, Kellie Hageman,  Zoe Mercer, Stella Murray

University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
Isobelle Brosnahan, Grace Cocker, Sriya Garamilla, Chloé Hickin, Lauren Komie, Nicole Lockie Amali Madawala, Hannah Mercer, Olivia Wrapson

University of Otago Māori Entrance Scholarship
Francesca Reade 

University of Otago Pacific Entrance Scholarship
Ana Latu, Mikayla Meredith

University of Otago Performance Entrance Scholarship
Abby Allison, Cara Bradding, Katie Crawford, Kaitlyn Mallon, Grace Mellsop, Jessica Woo,

University of Otago Academic Excellence Scholarship
Amy Choi, Deborah Huang

Scholarships on behalf of Otago University 

Awards from the University of Auckland recognising outstanding achievements of Year 12 students.

University of Auckland Faculty of Arts Award and this goes to
Phebe Mason for excellence in History and Business Studies.

Award is a Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries Award and this goes to Lily Bond for excellence and passion in Geography.

University of Auckland Scholarships

University of Auckland Pacifica Scholarship
Kristen Hansen

The University of Auckland Top Achievers Scholarship 
Jessica Hunter, Lena Jacob, Francesca Masfen Aarushi Parasrampuria

Dame Rosie and Michael Horton Prize. Dame Rosie and Michael Horton have had a long association with Diocesan through the education of their daughter and granddaughters. They have generously donated this prize which will be awarded annually to a Year 13 student who, despite challenges, has succeeded in her schooling and in the wider life of the school. The prize will support her as she leaves Diocesan, determined to make a difference. Lottie Lobb

The Hassall Deputy Head Prefect Cup for Leadership commitment and dedication to Diocesan School for Girls – Francesca Masfen

The Hassall Head Prefect Cup for Leadership commitment and dedication to Diocesan School for Girls – Maddy Gault 

Head Prefect & Deputy Head Prefect for 2021

The Head Prefect for 2021 is Charlotte Hulme
The Deputy Head Prefect for 2021 is Phebe Mason

Eliza Edwards Memorial Award
Awarded to a student leaving the School who throughout her schooling has contributed to many school activities, shown high personal standards, and has exhibited the qualities inherent in the foundation of the School. The recipient of the Eliza Edwards Memorial Award for 2020 – Chloé Hickin. Chloe started life at school in year 7 and instantly threw herself into life at Dio, joining service, sports and arts groups, contributing to the school newspaper, and marking herself out as a young woman of integrity, maturity and responsibility. Even at that stage Chloe demonstrated the qualities of servant leadership. She works with others in a way that empowers them, rather than pushing herself into the limelight. These same qualities operate in the classroom where her insightful approach to learning and her willingness to contribute to the discussion and debate enable others to grow as well. This year Chloe has been the Student Services Prefect and despite the limitations of lockdown has worked on initiatives with her council that supported the well being of others. Their work culminated in a set of resources being produced for each year level and under Chloe’s leadership every member of the Council contributed. Chloe has ensured that student voice around well-being issues will be at the forefront of our ongoing work. She stands up for her beliefs and is a strong role model for being comfortable in her own skin. Chloe is also a successful academic student who just tonight has received Academic High Distinction, the Year 13 Service award and a University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship. 

Dux Scholar

The pinnacle of academic achievements at Diocesan School for Girls is the awards of Dux. It represents our most outstanding academic achievement.  

The IB Dux for 2020 is Deborah Huang

Deborah is the well deserved Dux of the International Baccalaureate class of 2020, but looking at her you would wonder how she finds time for her studies at all. Deborah is an absolute stalwart of music at Dio, a member of Dio Symphony and the Concert Band and many chamber groups over her time at Dio. She is deputy prefect in Mary Pulling and is in the Premier underwater hockey team, Premier debating and demonstrates commitment to volunteerism by working in the after-school care programme.  She is head of the ethics council and in the past has competed in the NZ mooting competition and been part of Amnesty International. 

This year Deborah was made an honorary prefect in recognition of the leadership she showed as part of all these groups. Tonight however, she receives this award for her academic success – she has already been awarded Academic Honours, Diploma Group prizes in Economics, Chemistry and History and a University of Otago Academic Excellence Scholarship,  and we are delighted to congratulate Deborah as the IB Dux for 2020.

The NCEA Dux for 2020 is a joint award to Sabreen Islam and Amy Choi

Sabreen has had another excellent year at Dio. With near perfect scores in her academic subjects Sabreen has continued to excel in her subjects, which show a leaning towards English, the social sciences and the arts. As a student Sabreen encourages other with her critical thinking, her drive to explore new and divergent concepts and a willingness to critique information to distill the truth. This is complemented by her pursuits outside the classroom where she is a published writer, and a published songwriter with a growing following on Spotify. All of this is completed with Sabreen’s characteristic humility and grace.

This year Sabreen was the Community Services Prefect and her leadership and drive around the City Mission food drive we held after the first lockdown was amazing. She organised a large team of girls, coordinated the collection, counting and packing of the food items, spoke at both Junior and Senior School assemblies to motivate students and initiated the inaugural House Service cup idea. The end result was a huge success with over 7000 food items collected for the City Mission and was a great opportunity to build school spirit after the first lockdown. As a results of this, Sabreen was justifiably awarded the Heritage Foundation Beale award for Service to the School. We are delighted to congratulate Sabreen as the joint NCEA Dux for 2020.

Amy is completing tonight a stellar academic career at Diocesan – Academic Honours each year and the Heritage Foundation Dorothy Shrewsbury Bursary in Year 12 for the top academic performance. Tonight, as well as the award for NCEA Dux, Amy has Academic Honours, the Vancouver Award for physics and a University of Otago Academic Excellence Scholarship. 

In her spare time Amy has been a member of the Premier debating team, the Australian Mooting competition and Young Enterprise. She has given back to her school as a Mathex coach, a circle leader, a school guide, a chapel reader and offered science help and who can forget her beautiful dance contribution in the musical Beauty and the Beast last year. This year Amy has been the Roberton house Prefect and led the house with much enthusiasm, integrity and superb organization. We are delighted to congratulate Amy as the joint NCEA Dux for 2020. 

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