2018 Junior High School Prize giving results


2018 Junior High School Prize giving results


Subject Prizes– awarded to students who are top in subject in their academic class and Progress Awards are awarded to recognise progress made throughout the academic year.

Subject Prizes - Certificates

Sydney Bell Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Spanish
Lola Bradbourne Drama
Mia Buckland Dance
Dawn Chen Mathematics
Mattea Chisholm Progress Award
Isabelle Chung Religious Studies, Progress Award

Ella Cochrane Dance
Isabella Cockle Dance
Saskia Collins Creative Industries, Social Studies
Eva Cope Dance
Lucy Crausaz Religious Studies
Lily Double Dance

Jessica Druskovich Dance, English, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Science
Arabella Duncan Creative Industries, Social Studies
Katherine Eggleston Drama, French
Harriet Fletcher Health & Physical Education, Spanish, Te Reo Maori
Siena Fletcher Drama, French
Alison Fu Science
Hannah Gray Dance

Rachael Griffiths English, Science
Ruby Hollister Creative Industries, English, French, Religious Studies, Science
Harriet Hope Health & Physical Education
Ruby Hulme Social Studies
Olivia Hunt Drama
Evie Iles Spanish
Sophia Jackson Creative Industries, Social Studies

Sophie Jamison English
Lucy Kilgour Mathematics, Social Studies
Indigo Kirk Mathematics
Chloe Luo Progress Award
India Maling Progress Award
Amelia McIntosh German, Science

Meg McKinnon Creative Industries, Health & Physical Education
Ella Millar Chinese
Jade Miller Religious Studies
Bianca Norwell Drama, Religious Studies
Sienna Payne Progress Award
Ella Reid Spanish
Olive Reynolds Creative Industries, Drama, English, French, Social Studies

Liberty Robertson Progress Award
Riley Shrive Religious Studies
Amy Stafford Progress Award
Anya Stephan German
Zara Tucker Drama, Health & Physical Education
Sophie van der Meijden Creative Industries, Dance, Social Studies
May Wang Japanese

Maya Willis English, Spanish
Priya Wilson Chinese, Health & Physical Education
Danielle Wong English, Latin, Mathematics, Science
Zoe Wong Mathematics, Science
Imogen Worrall Health & Physical Education, Progress Award
Heidi Ye Religious Studies
Amanda Yu Creative Industries, Drama, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies


Heritage Foundation Elizabeth Webb Memorial Junior Writing Award Vanessa Huang
Heritage Foundation Dio Arts Award Ella CochraneHannah Wellington
Arts Award Ella Cochrane
Sports Award Anya Stephan 


Subject Prizes – awarded to students who are top in subject in their academic class and Progress Awards are awarded to recognise progress made throughout the academic year. 

Subject Prizes Certificates

Felicity Bannatyne Health & Physical Education, Progress Award
Holly Barker French
Maisie Cavanagh English, Religious Studies
Lauren Chee Art, Mathematics
Eleanor Christiansen German, Mathematics, Music, Science
Sophie Collins Mathematics

Isabella Cranefield Creative Industries
Sarah-Rose Crofskey Creative Industries, French, Social Studies
Ava Darbyshire Spanish
Eliza East Health & Physical Education, Spanish
Nina Fisher Health & Physical Education
Tyler Gleye Progress Award

Alexandra Graney Chinese
Consuela Guo Mathematics, Progress Award
Holly Haskell Science
Tessa Hickin Creative Industries, Music
Isabelle Hitchen Progress Award
Rebecca Hounsell English, Religious Studies, Progress Award
Lucy Irwin Social Studies

Khushman Kaur Progress Award
Ella Kerr Science, Spanish
Olive Kirk English, Health & Physical Education, Science
Sienna Kulatunga Art, English
Molly Last Progress Award
Portia Loveday Science

Anabel Malaghan Social Studies
Bharathi Manikandan English, Religious Studies, Progress Award
Mackenzie Marlo Social Studies
Sienna McAteer Creative Industries, English, German
Svetlana McCann Religious Studies
Aashna Melant Music

Honour Mitchell Creative Industries
Pragati Mohan Science
Bella-Rose Mountfort Health & Physical Education
Juliet Nasrabadi Social Studies
Saranee Pasupati Science
Coco Pett Health & Physical Education, Religious Studies, 
Social Studies

Alice Sharpe Art, Music, Te Reo Maori
Kate Skinner-Spence Mathematics
Hannah Smith Music
Samantha Smith Art, Mathematics, Music, Religious Studies
Mary Stanfield Art
Neve Sutherland Creative Industries

Aiko Taylor Art, Chinese
Olivia Turnbull Health & Physical Education
Pascale Vincent English, Japanese, Social Studies, Spanish
Taylor West Mathematics
Cassandra Wood Creative Industries, French, Latin, Religious Studies
Victoria Wright Music
Candice Yuan Art


National Arts Supplies Award Aiko Taylor Semester 1 & Candice Yuan Semester 2
Heritage Foundation Dio Arts Award Eleanor ChristiansenVictoria Wright 

Arts Award Eleanor Christiansen
Sport Award Jessica Finnegan & Lizzie Shapland


Year 9 Academic Honours with Certificates of Excellence in their stated subjects - Awarded to a student who, using her grade point average, is in the top 1-4% across all subjects for which a student is entered.

Sahaana Arunachalam Religious Studies, Science, Visual Arts
Amie Cummack English, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Religious Studies, Science, Social Studies, Te Reo Maori
Sarah Ellis Music, Science, Food Technology
Emma Parton Religious Studies, Social Studies
Ella Riley Digital Technologies, English, Health & Physical Education, Music
Lucy Russ English, French, Health & Physical Education, Latin, Mathematics, Material Design Technology, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts
Sarah Wong Chinese, Latin, Mathematics, Religious Studies
Sunny Zhang French, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Spanish

Year 9 Academic High Distinction  - Awarded to a student who using her grade point average is in the top 4-6% across all subjects for which a student is entered.

Hannah Bell Social Studies, Visual Arts
Clementine Buchanan Material Design Technology, Social Studies, Visual Arts
Phoebe Duncan Mathematics, Visual Arts
Matilda Fletcher Material Design Technology, Visual Arts
Madeleine Jorgensen English
Lucia Partigliani Spanish, Visual Arts
Riya Raniga Japanese, Science, Social Studies,

Year 9 Academic Distinction - Awarded to a student who using her grade point average is in the top 6-8% across all subjects for which a student is entered.

Teresa Artrip Science
Sienna French Food Technology
Sara MacGillivray Visual Arts
Rylie Wilkinson Dance, Drama
Sophia Winstanley Drama, Material Design Technology, Visual Arts

Year 9 Subject Excellence Certificates and Progress Awards - Awarded to students who are top in subject across the cohort in full and semester courses and Progress Awards awarded to recognise progress made throughout the academic year. 

Mia Adams Progress Award
Lauren Batchelor Digital Media Design
Kika Blaha Brethouwer Digital Technologies, Spanish
Josephine Christie Digital Media Design, Visual Arts
Emily Cole-Baker Progress Award
Karissa Couper Religious Studies, Food Technology
Shreeya Daji Religious Studies
Emma Derold Food Technology, Visual Arts
Aileen Du Advanced Mathematics, Visual Arts

Brooke Elliott-Forster-Clampitt Dance, Drama, Food Technology
Amelia England Drama
Bella Ferguson Drama, Health & Physical Education
Grace Field Music, Visual Arts
Evelyn Finlayson Social Studies, Progress Award
Leonie Freeman Visual Arts
Emma Gilleece Progress Award
Estie Hamilton Drama
Ava Hanley Material Design Technology

Tiare Hansen Dance, Digital Media Design, Drama
Ella Hanton Visual Arts
Olivia Hardie Progress Award
Anna Hare Social Studies, Visual Arts
Abigail Higgins Material Design Technology, Visual Arts
Julieta Hintze Progress Award
Jacinta Kelly Food Technology, Progress Award
Evelyn Kerse English, Health & Physical Education
Harriet Law Food Technology, Visual Arts

Eno Li Visual Arts
Amelia Lockley Digital Technologies
Lily Loveridge Drama
Samantha Lusk Dance
Juliette Mines Visual Arts
Zambia Neely Food Technology
Helena O'Neill Food Technology
Katie Parr Mathematics
Lucy Pettit Drama, Visual Arts

Mia Reid Dance, Drama
Sophie Ryan Food Technology, Visual Arts
Lucy Shennan Digital Media Design
Evie Sleigh Food Technology
Jasmine Soakai Digital Media Design
Anastasia Sun German
Caitlin Tam Digital Technologies, Visual Arts
Caitlin Taylor Visual Arts
Lila-Genevieve Tierney Visual Arts

Faith Tupuhi Drama
Maisie Wagstaff Dance
Paris Wither Food Technology
Lola Wood Food Technology, Progress Award
Zoe-Rui Yin Visual Arts
Alexandra Young Digital Media Design
Keltie-Kewan Young Drama
Meg Zame Drama
Karina Zhu Religious Studies, Visual Arts


All Round Excellence in Technology Karissa Couper
National Art Supplies Award Clementine Buchanan Semester 1, Harriet Law Semester 2
English Language Award for Learners of English as another language Sophia Zheng
Heritage Foundation Elizabeth Webb Memorial Writing Award Amie Cummack
Heritage Foundation Dio Arts Award Elise Ji Harriet Johnston
Arts Award Emma Parton
Sport Award Sienna French and Chantelle May


Year 10 Academic Honours with certificates of excellence in their stated subjects - awarded to a student who using her grade point average is in the top 1-4% across all subjects for which a student is entered.

Jemima Box English, Latin, Religious Studies, Advanced Science, Spanish, Year 11 History
Lekha Gupta Digital Technologies, English, Health & Physical Education, Religious Studies, Advanced Science, 
Year 11 Mathematics
Priscilla Huang Chinese, English, Japanese Material Design Technology, Science, Top in Subject Yr11 Mathematics
Charlotte Hulme Digital Technologies, Food Technology, Health & Physical Education, Advanced Science, Yr 11 History
Natalie Kirke Digital Technologies, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Advanced Science, Social Studies
Kate Wellington English, Material Design Technology, Advanced Science, Year 11 History
Sarah Young Dance, Design & Visual Communication, English, Mathematics, Advanced Science

Year 10 Academic High Distinction - Awarded to a student who using her grade point average is in the top 4-6% across all subjects for which a student is entered.

Isabella Cossey Design & Visual Communication, Yr11 History
Sienna Gray Design & Visual Communication, Food Technology, Health & Physical Education
Lara Johns Digital Media Design, Health & Physical Education, Advanced Science, Year 11 Spanish
Rimone Luo English
Natasha Mori English, Religious Studies, Social Studies, Visual Arts
Georgia Richardson Design & Visual Communication, Health & Physical Education, Spanish
Jesse Welsh Design & Visual Communication, French, Health & Physical Education, Spanish
Lauren Williams Advanced Science, Food Technology, Social Studies
Ella Wong Design & Visual Communication

Year 10 Academic Distinction - Awarded to a student who using her grade point average is in the top 6-8% across all subjects for which a student is entered.

Samantha Huddart Food Technology, Material Design Technology
Phebe Mason Drama
Ava Phillimore Religious Studies
Eloise Robinson Advanced Science, Food Technology, Health & Physical Education
Amelie Thomas Advanced Science, Year 11 Chinese
Heidi van der Peet Religious Studies, Advanced Science
Alexandra Wright Design & Visual Communication, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies

Year 10 Subject Excellence Certificates and Progress Awards - Awarded to students who are top in subject across the cohort and Progress Awards awarded to recognise progress made throughout the academic year.

Christiana Ballard Religious Studies
Charlotte Barclay Health & Physical Education
Isabelle Bhaga Food Technology
Olivia Blanchard Design & Visual Communication, Science, Social Studies
Vittoria Di Pietro Selwyn Health & Physical Education
Imogen Foley Drama, Religious Studies
Arielle Friedlander Food Technology, Year 11 History

Cassie Gray Progress Award
Jasmine Ha Design & Visual Communication, Advanced Science
Janet Ha Health & Physical Education
Abigail Holden Japanese, Visual Arts
Holly Hunn Progress Award
Lauren Jackson Progress Award
Shania Kumar Food Technology

Isabella Landon-Lane Design & Visual Communication
Chaewon Lee Progress Award
Rosie Leishman Drama, Religious Studies
Daisy Mahoni Progress Award
Brielle Manson Material Design Technology
Jessica Marshall Music, Advanced Science
Lucy McKinnon Mathematics

Ezetera Nanua Te Reo Maori
Charlotte Paterson Progress Award
Sophie Taylor Health & Physical Education
Melissa Uren Progress Award
Jessica Wech Mathematics
Rachael Wintour Progress Award
Gretta Wiseman Progress Award


Clifford Cup for Debating Olivia Pearce
Crawshaw Cup for Latin Jemima Box
National Art Supplies Award Abigail Holden
Heritage Foundation Cropper Prize for Art Natasha Mori
Heritage Foundation Dio Arts Award Matilda Hol, Jessica Marshall
Arts Award Phebe Mason
Sport Award Aimee Crosbie 

The Junior High School Arts Person of the Year Rosie Leishman
The Junior High School Sportsperson of the Year Aimee Crosbie
JHS Servant Leadership Cup Phebe Mason Cup

Year 9 Board Scholarships

Amie Cummack
Ella Riley
Lucy Russ
Sunny Zhang 

Year 10 Board Scholarships

Lekha Gupta
Charlotte Hulme
Kate Wellington
Sarah Young

Year 7 - Principal’s Awards

Danielle Callander
Jessica Druskovich
Lily Galvin
Anaïs Hamilton
Ruby Hollister
Sophie van der Meijden
Maya Willis 
Amanda Yu 

Year 8 -  Principal’s Awards

Holly Barker
Rebecca Christie
Sarah-Rose Crofskey
Alexandra Graney
Tessa Hickin
Lucy Nevill
Samantha Smith
Victoria Wright

Year 9 - Principal’s Awards 

Mia Adams
Emma Derold
Amelia England
Matilda Fletcher
Leonie Freeman
Madeleine Kelso-Heap
Holly Mulligan
Evie Sleigh

Year 10 Principal’s Awards 

Charlotte Barclay
Olivia Blanchard
Imogen Foley
Holly Graney
Emily Kippenberger
Daisy Last
Laura Stanhope
Alexandra Wright 

Old Girls’ League Awards 

Mary Pulling was our Founding Headmistress from 1904 to 1926. The Mary Pulling Award recognises students who show potential and an outstanding contribution to the School in a wide range of areas. Students currently in Years 7,8,9 and 10 who will be continuing their education at the School next year are eligible for these Awards.  In making the selection, academic ability is a consideration, but the likely contribution of the student to the school is the deciding factor.

The Mary Pulling Award Year 7 - Harriet Fletcher
The Mary Pulling Award Year 8 – Olivia Turnbull
The Mary Pulling Award Year 9 - Amelia Lockley
The Mary Pulling Award Year 10 - Rosie Leishman

Ethel Sandford was Headmistress from 1926 to 1932.  She was noted for her energy and determination as well as musical abilities. 
The Ethel Sandford Scholarship for Music 2019 – Ella Riley 

Heritage Foundation C J Tunks Memorial Award for General Excellence. The Award is to be given to the pupil who in her last year in the Junior High School at Diocesan School for Girls, through her commitment of energy, time and enthusiasm, has made the most outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of the School and /or its pupils - Charlotte Hulme

Junior High School Dux 

This is awarded to the student who has the highest overall academic achievement - Kate Wellington

Kate has achieved what can only be described as outstanding results, achieving at the highest level with the necessary dedication, aptitude and curiosity to do so. She received Academic Honours, with excellence certificates in English, Material Design Technology, Advanced Science and Year 11 History. Alongside these academic achievements, Kate’s contribution towards the wider life of the school reflects her willingness to give, and indeed to learn, in so many areas. She is in the Bella Cantoris Choir and the Diocesan Symphony, she has been a member of the Diving Team and the Mathex Team, and also went on the Spirit of Adventure. Kate has been awarded a Board Scholarship for 2018. Her exceptional results, alongside her other interests, reflect her love of academic challenge and her commitment to achieving her personal best with every aspect of her learning. We are delighted to acknowledge Kate’s academic achievements as our Junior High School Dux for 2018.

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