Heritage Foundation

Heritage Foundation

The Diocesan Heritage Foundation was established to bring our community together and enhance opportunities for all girls to grow the courage and confidence they need to positively shape the future.

Our aim is to support these girls and projects with the greatest need or the most potential.
Thanks for caring, your gift will last a lifetime.

​Our objectives are

​Our objectives are

  • Build and maintain a capital base for Diocesan School
  • Attract, administer and coordinate all contributions to the School
  • Develop and enhance Diocesan’s culture of philanthropy and fellowship
  • Provide financial support to enable the pursuit of excellence and opportunities beyond the standard school curriculum.


Contributions to the Heritage Foundation can be made by way of: Donations, Pledges, Gifts in Kind, Endowments and Bequests. 
GST No: 81890234   Charities Registration No: CC26996

Scholarships and Support

Scholarships and Support

Help create opportunities for talented and deserving students and staff to reach their full potential.

  • Senior excellence scholarships
  • Special financial support
  • Development opportunities for staff
Sports and the Arts

Sports and the Arts

Enhance opportunities for students to grow their experience and expand their cultural growth or sporting excellence

  • Overseas opportunities
  • Specialist equipment 
  • Support for key events
Future and Facilities

Future and Facilities

Support our investment in world-class facilities, future sustainability and the independence of our school.

  • Protect our Chapel
  • Grow our facilities
  • Invest for the future

Heritage Foundation Trustees

Mr Glenn Joblin (Acting Chair)

Ms Carlie Eve
Ms Rebecca Cottrell
Mr Simon Plowman
Ms Heather McRae

Please contact our Director of Development, Angela Coe, if you wish to learn more about giving.