Underwater Hockey Junior A team qualify for nationals


Underwater Hockey Junior A team qualify for nationals

Thursday the 24th of June, 2021

Congratulations to both junior teams on a successful Northern Zone Tournament

The Northern Zone Cup took place for our two junior underwater hockey teams on 19 and 20 June. This was the first school underwater hockey tournament in 650 days due to the cancellation of all tournaments for schools in 2020 due to COVID. Our young Junior B team had a great tournament where the girls were able to practice their skills in game situations. For a lot of this team, this is their first year playing underwater hockey so it was an awesome experience for them. 

Our Junior A team had an amazing tournament where they won the bronze medal, following an extremely exciting match. It finished up at 2-2 at full time, and then went to sudden death. The girls succeeded in scoring very quickly. Our Junior A team has qualified for the national tournament in Tauranga at the end of August. Congratulations to our junior underwater hockey teams on a very successful weekend. 

Junior A: Cloris Gong, Rachael Griffiths, Ruby Hollister, Mila Hopwood-Craig, Lucy Kilgour, Kiri Lovatt, Jade Phang-Hamlin, Demira Reynolds, Olivia Tongue

Junior B: Ines Cullinane, Stella Grayson, Michaela Harding, Molly Hopwood Craig, Savannah Mortimer, Krysten Roberts, Emma Samuels, Emily Wackrow, Medina Wang, Selina Yu