The evolution of the Caring Shed


The evolution of the Caring Shed

Wednesday the 27th of May, 2015

The Caring Shed at Diocesan is a way for our community to give to those in need. But how did it come to be?

If it takes a village to raise a child, you could say that it takes a whole community to help a family. The commissioning of a second Caring Shed at Diocesan made it abundantly clear that a whole community can indeed help another. Beginning with a committee of four enthusiastic Junior School girls and their parent mentor members of the Dio community and beyond have worked together to extend our support to families in Auckland struggling to make ends meet.

The Caring Shed has been an established part of the Junior School since 2008. Each year a committee of Year 6 girls promotes the Caring Shed in the Junior School community and oversees the collection of household items for client families of the Monte Cecilia Housing Trust, an Anglican Trust for Women and Children in South Auckland. With the catchphrase, ‘Anything that makes a house a home’, the Junior School Caring Shed has been the drop off point for thousands of generously donated goods from working small appliances to furnishings and linen over the past six years.

Generosity being the word, sometimes the Caring Shed would be full before the next weekly collection by Monte Cecilia volunteers. With this ‘problem’ in mind, it was decided a second Caring Shed was needed in the Senior School to receive donations from senior students and, when necessary, take the overload from the Junior School shed. Showing steadfast determination and patience, the committee set to work on the necessary consultation to make it happen.

Support was enlisted from Chaplain, Rev Sarah Moss; Property Manager, Justin Browne and Senior School Art teacher, Madeleine Newman who, with her Year 10 students, designed the artwork and graphics.

An ‘ad’ in Dio Beat for a friendly builder was answered by a Dio parent who spoke to the builder working on their house. Enter the awesome Dan Hari of Onform Construction who, even though he is not part of the Dio community, wanted to help us help others. Dan’s team built the shed with materials generously donated by PlaceMakers Mt Wellington, thanks to Ron Campbell. The painting of the shed was completed by the Junior School Committee and parent mentor before being given the finishing touches by Cameron Grant of the School’s Property Team.

A full school assembly saw the Caring Shed II officially handed over to the Senior School by the committee and we thank everyone who helped us to help the community.