Meet our Director of Sport


Meet our Director of Sport

Tuesday the 8th of September, 2015

We profile Director of Sport Darryn Hoare.

In 2015, Diocesan School welcomed a new Director of Sport, Darryn Hoare.

He is excited to be back ‘home’ with his young family, after spending the past seven years in Australia. “Australia is a leader in sport, and the experience I gained in various roles while there was invaluable. It’s great to now bring that knowledge and skills to sport here at Diocesan,” says Mr Hoare.

Mr Hoare leads the Sport Department team with a wealth of experience behind him. He started his career as a physical education teacher, teaching for several years which culminated in a Head of Department role at Tereora College, the national college of the Cook Islands. It was this move that eventually led him to move with his young family to Australia.

Most recently, he worked for the Australian Sports Commission, managing a region for the Australian national sports participation programme. In this role he was responsible for overseeing sports programmes in over 50 schools.

“I’m a self-confessed sport nut. Sport draws enthusiasm and passion out of people like few other things can, so it’s an exciting area to be involved in,” Mr Hoare says.

“The opportunities for sport here at Diocesan are endless. That’s an exciting proposition for someone coming in to this role.

“The challenge for the Sports Department is to be continually providing opportunities for all students to be able to participate, and to provide pathways to compete at the highest level for those who want to.

“I’m lucky to have a great team of staff. Each individual brings unique skills and experience to the team, and we are very lucky to have the people we do.”

Mr Hoare’s role includes guiding the strategic vision for Diocesan sports, overseeing a talented group of sports managers, and liaising with students, parents, teachers, coaches and sporting organisations.

“Sport provides a great opportunity for learning and development. There are endless lessons to be learnt through sport including teamwork and discipline – these are skills that transfer into everyday life. But most importantly, it needs to be fun.”