Les Misérables


Les Misérables

Thursday the 20th of May, 2021

A Dilworth School and Diocesan School for Girls production.

Our recent school production was a roaring success! We have received excellent feedback from members and we are very proud of the whole team who contributed to the success of the production. 

Lachlan Craig – Musical Director and Producer, and Sarah Spicer – Director along, with a range of our Dio staff who contributed:

Front of house – Tessa Lambert
Costume design – Chantelle Gerrard
Hair and makeup – Rachel Holland
Assistant music director – Juan Kim
Props design – Merrin Fagan
Lighting design – Olwyn Davidson
Choreography – Zoe Visvanathan
Backstage and ticket office – David Holmes.

Special thanks to contractors Elise Cauldwell who was our stage manager and Alexander Holloway who was the stunt coordinator. 

We especially thank Dan Reddiex, Principal at Dilworth and the Dilworth School students who were simply fabulous in working in collaboration with the Diocesan cast.