Ethically sustainable fashion


Ethically sustainable fashion

Wednesday the 31st of March, 2021

The impacts Fast Fashion has on our immediate community along with the wider global impact.

On Tuesday 25 March, the senior Material Design students were visited by Kate Hall from Ethically Kate, to discuss ethically sustainable fashion and the impact fashion has on our immediate community, as well as globally.

Ethically Kate is a Sustainable business that communicates slow, considered, thoughtful fashion. “We think of clothes as disposable, whereas we should be valuing our clothes and consuming less”.

The girls learnt a lot about sustainability through different fabrics, clothing samples, different business models and ethics around the designing and making of clothes. By looking at types of fabrics eg. biodegradable, recycled, along with the longevity, wearability, versatility, and care requirements of the garment, they were able to question what it really means to be truly sustainable in a throw away world.