Diocesan enters the Haier Big Hoot art trail


Diocesan enters the Haier Big Hoot art trail

Wednesday the 28th of February, 2018

New Zealand public have a unique opportunity to view original artworks from some of our country’s most well-known and emerging artists on the streets of Auckland, with a number of influential artists such as Flox and Dick Frizzell set to contribute art

The Haier Big Hoot art trail project is presented by Child Cancer Foundation in partnership with the International creator of the event, Wild in Art. The public art exhibition will run for 9 weeks, before the Owls are auctioned to raise vital funds for Child Cancer Foundation.

The Little Hoot is an integral part of the Haier Big Hoot which has brought together 56 schools from across Auckland city. The schools have participated in a curriculum based education programme, combined with a creative art project. All of these schools have designed and crafted their own ‘mini’ owlets which will also stand tall alongside the Big Hoot trail.

During 2017 Ms Wells and Diocesan students were given the opportunity to buy an Owlet to participate in the Sculpture Trail. Sylvia Park kindly sponsored DIO and purchased our Owlet. During Term Three Ms Wells ran a competition for students to come up with a design for the Owlet which we named ‘Diora’. Celina Gao’s winning design was chosen.

Celina’s design is a visual representation of Diocesan School for Girls from the Schools motto Ut Serviamus, the House colours, sports, the arts, academic achievement and the beautiful grounds. Celina Gao with the help of Lydia Kong painted the design onto the Owlet in Term Four. The final outcome was outstanding and we are very proud to represent Diocesan School for Girls in such an amazing event.

For more information see www.thebighoot.co.nz