Dio Swimmers - North Island Champions!


Dio Swimmers - North Island Champions!

Thursday the 17th of June, 2021

Congratulations to the team on some outstanding results

The Dio swim team brought home some incredible results at the North Island Swimming Championships, held during the weekend of 12 and 13 June.

Diocesan won Top Girls' School and also Top Girls' Relay School. The girls were sporting the new Diocesan red FINA-approved swimsuits.

Congratulations to the following girls on their results:

Jesse Welsh: 1st 100m backstroke, 2nd 100m freestyle, 2nd 50m freestyle, 2nd 50m backstroke

Lucy McKinnon: 1st 50m breaststroke, 1st 100m breaststroke, 2nd 50m butterfly, 2nd 100m IM

Nathalie Hull: 3rd 50m breaststroke, 3rd 100m breastdtroke

Eva Allan: 2nd 200m freestyle

First: Senior medley relay - Jesse Welsh, Lucy McKinnon, Aimee Crosbie, Eva Allan

Third: Senior freestyle relay - Jesse Welsh, Eva Allan, Leila Ibrahim, Aimee Crosbie

Well done to all the team who fought hard and picked up valuable points: Madi Clark, Peta Clark, Jesse Welsh, Lucy McKinnon, Aimee Crosbie, Eva Allan, Abby Welsh, Nathalie Hull, Arabella Duncan, Lucy Gilleece, Leila Ibrahim, Grace Jeromson, Noor Lovett, Erin Veal and Arabella White

Peta Clark: 8th 50m backstroke and 100m butterfly

Leila Ibrahim: 6th 50m and 100m backstroke, 7th 50m and 100m freestyle

Grace Jeromson: 4th 100m breaststroke

Noor Lovatt: 6th 100 breaststroke

Arabella Duncan: 5th 50m backstroke, 7th 100m backstroke

Eva Allan: 4th 100m freestyle, 5th 50m freestyle

Junior relay 7th: Abby Welsh, Noor Lovatt, Grace Jeromson and Arabella Duncan

Senior B relay 8th: Leila Ibrahim, Nathalie Hull, Peta Clark and Arabella White

Congratulations to the team and coaches on an excellent result!