Dio rowing season off to a flying start


Dio rowing season off to a flying start

Wednesday the 11th of November, 2020

There have been some great results from the Dio rowing squad after back-to-back regattas held during the past two weekends

Diocesan rowing has had an exciting couple of weeks of competition at regattas! 

On 31 October the squad competed in the Te Awamutu Regatta at Lake Karapiro. This was the squad's first regatta of the season and the girls competed well in some very wet conditions! This was also the first regatta the novice rowers competed in and they did extremely well, especially in the conditions.

Some notable results from this regatta were first places in the novice quad (Holly Ryan-Salter, Xanthe Williams, Holly Barker, Sarah Oldham, cox Lauren Williams), the intermediate four (Rosie Wiseman, Nina Fisher, Sophie Collins, Emily Cosham, cox Bo Alpe), and the novice eight (Holly Ryan-Salter, Arabella O’Donnell, Ava Dixon, Kara Lorch-Church, Isabella Clayton, Jade van Rensburg, Jaime Gadsdon, Tiffany Liu, cox Bo Alpe). There were also some great finishes from the U-18 coxed quad (Katie Ryan, Emily Kippenberger, Isobel Fletcher, Sara MacGillivray, cox Sophie Ryan), the novice octuple sculls (Aniela Farac, Harriet Hope, Jemima Dryden, Imogen Worrall, Amelia Alston, Millie Struthers, Victoria Hill, Claudia Poole, cox Poppy Pett), and the intermediate four (Jessica Barclay, Lucy Pettit, Eva Colyer, Grace Allan, cox Stella Brawn)

Following this regatta, the squad then competed at Lake Pupuke on 7 November at the Bennett Shield regatta. This regatta only had races for fours and eights and Diocesan competed well in the event with wins in the U-17 eight (Nat Spillane, Eva Colyer, Madeleine Kirke, Ava Phillimore, Holly Ryan-Salter, Lucy Pettit, Grace Allan, Alexandra Fletcher, cox Lauren Williams), the U-15 eight (Emily Cosham, Rosie Wiseman, Alexandra Fletcher, Arabella O’Donnell, Eva Pritchard, Edith Li, Isabella Clayton, Bianca Norwell cox Stella Brawn), the U-15 four (Rosie Wiseman, Kara Lorch-Church, Ruby Lowe, Ava Dixon cox Amelia Alston), the novice eight Division 2 (Jade van Rensburg, Lara Urwin, Ava Leach, Ruby Hulme, Imogen Worrall, Aniela Farac, Emily Bigwood, Isabella Clayton, cox Stella Brawn) amongst many other podium finishes on the day!