Dio girl experiences prestigious US Art School


Dio girl experiences prestigious US Art School

Wednesday the 5th of September, 2018

Year 12 student Shellie Hu, was recently accepted into a 6 week Summer Art and Design Program at the Rhode Island School of Design.

The incredibly talented Shellie Hu, International Student in Year 12, was recently accepted into a 6 week Summer Art and Design Program at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design.

She wrote about this experience below.

"I spent an extraordinary six-week-time at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) Pre-college program this summer. The school is one of my dream colleges that is renowned for art and design. The pre-college program especially provided high school students a perfect opportunity to explore their interests within the art and design field, which will be helpful for their university major or even career paths decision making.

There were approximately 500 students who are either high school rising juniors or seniors coming from all around the world. We got to choose one particular major that we were interested in learning - I chose to take Graphic Design. Our course schedule that was based on our major decision, was given on the first-day arrival. It was very similar to a college schedule. Other than major class, we were needed to take some other foundation courses, such as drawing foundations and design foundations which were meant to enhance our fundamental skills in art and design. We took Art Critical Studies at the same time, this is the course that we were given art lectures and held in-class discussions.

Students in my class bonded together so strongly. My classmates are all super kind and embracing. I have to say that the class atmosphere was so engaging. Everyone supported each other especially when we all had to stay up to do work, you could always find people sending warm messages in the group chat. We were like a big family.

I am glad that I had the chance to attend the program and meet wonderful people this summer. I find art and design so appealing because you will feel a sense of accomplishment when things are done, which is more exciting than the result itself. In the future, I don’t know whether I will remember the time I cried secretly because of the work dissatisfaction. But I will absolutely remember my passion for design, my honesty in my art and my persistence in doing things I love."

By Shellie Hu.