Dio Duo picked for World Trampolining Champs


Dio Duo picked for World Trampolining Champs

Wednesday the 11th of January, 2017

Dio Duo Sienna French and Halle Rankin Hastie have been picked to compete at the World Trampoling Champs in Bulgaria this November.

Sienna French and Halle Rankin Hastie to represent NZ in 2017 World Trampoline Championships

Diocesan School duo, Sienna French and Halle Rankin Hastie, are synchronised trampoline stars.

Having recently won gold for synchronised trampoline in their Open Sub-junior (13-15yr) category at the New Zealand national competitions, their next stop is representing New Zealand at the 2017 World Trampoline Championships in Bulgaria this November.

Twelve-year-old Sienna French is the youngest girl to be selected for the NZ team. She is also unique in that she is competing in three categories – individual, double minis and synchronised.

Sienna is no stranger to representing New Zealand on the world stage. She first competed for New Zealand at age ten. Since then the determined Year 8 student has gone from strength to strength. Last year she won Silver for New Zealand at the Indo-pacific championships, and this year she has already won two Gold medals for Dio (the AIMs games and the Auckland Secondary School Championships) as well as her recent win with Halle at the NZ Nationals.

Being paired together was pure luck and the girls are grateful to be partnered with a school mate. Sienna’s mother, Annabel French, says she believes the fact the girls share a bond at school and also in sport make their combination a winning one.

“When you’re up in the air like that there has to be absolute trust. The better you know your partner, the better you compete. Halle is almost two years older than Sienna, but going to Dio together, they share a sisterhood that is really special.”

Annabel credits the school with helping the girls to compete.

“It’s not a mainstream sport, but Dio have been critical in the girls’ successes. Sienna trains up to 13 hours a week and doesn’t get home from training till around 9pm every night. But she is still excelling academically. Dio has been fantastic in helping her to pursue her passion while putting support around her for keeping up with her school work.”

Sienna has been trampolining since she was seven. She was discovered when the family lived in London, and began trampolining quite by accident, despite her mother Annabel also having competed on the world stage in trampolining herself.

“She was supposed to go to a gym class over the holidays, but it was full. So, they put her in trampolining instead and at the end of the first class they asked her to trial for the team.”

Says Annabel, "Sienna is very unassuming. She is doing this because she loves it. She misses birthday parties, and makes other sacrifices without complaining. She is just steadily achieving her goals. For her age, the pinnacle is the World Championships this November. After that, the Youth Olympics are in sight.”

Sienna says of the sport, “It’s my passion. It’s what I was born to do.”