A student take on scholarship exams


A student take on scholarship exams

Monday the 11th of April, 2016

We spoke to three of our Year 13 IB students, Natalee Zhu, Tracy Chen and Lys Meurillon who successfully sat Scholarship exams at year 12 about their tips for success and future aspirations after Year 13.

When did you start at Dio?

Natalee - Since I was Year 9

Tracy - Since Year 3

Lys – Since Year 9

Why did you decide to do scholarship early?

Natalee - I really like learning new things so this was a good opportunity to learn concepts or information independently to the IB Diploma because the scholarship exams are part of the NCEA curriculum. I also thought that it was an interesting challenge because IB external doesn’t have any exams in year 12 so I felt I might have more time to do the exams compared to if I wanted to do them in Year 13.

Tracy – I decided to sit scholarship at year 12 to allow me to fully focus on my IB examinations in November this year without any extra work to do on top of my IB workload.

Lys - I decided to sit the exams early because I knew that my IB workload in Year 13 would be bigger with our final exams, so sitting them in Year 12 just seemed most logical and the best way to learn freely in a low stress environment.

What subjects did you sit scholarship exams in?

Natalee - Biology, English, History

Tracy - English, History, Geography and French

Lys - English, Biology, History and French

What are the 'secrets' to your study?

Natalee – I don’t think there is really a secret to studying; everyone studies in a different way. However if you're taking scholarship exams, I found the teachers were extremely helpful but it really comes down to how much effort and time you are willing to put into trying to achieve a Scholarship. I think that the whole study process is a lot more rewarding if you develop an attitude whereby you’re not just learning for the exam, but more importantly, for yourself to broaden your knowledge and to enhance your thinking skills.

Tracy - I think that having an organised folder is so important- when you need to study it makes life so much easier to have all your notes in one place!

Lys - I'm not sure there are any real 'secrets' to the way I study, but definitely writing notes, making flashcards and doing lots and lots of past papers is immensely helpful.

What is your main co-curricular activity?

Natalee – Debating

Tracy - I spend a lot of time playing piano and timpani in music groups, whether it be the school orchestra or chamber music groups.

Lys - Probably choral work, I'm in three terrific choirs.

What do you want to do when you leave school?

Natalee - I would like to get into University. In terms of what area I'd like to get into, I'm not entirely sure yet.

Tracy - I want to study at an overseas university, but I'm not sure what major yet!

Lys - I'm not certain what the future holds for me yet; I’m still debating the world of opportunity that lies after school. I am interested in perhaps doing something that helps people and allows me to travel, so maybe something in the health sector.