2021 Concerto and Aria Competition results


2021 Concerto and Aria Competition results

Wednesday the 14th of July, 2021

Congratulations to all our Concerto and Aria finalists who performed beautifully over two evenings, making some very tough decisions for our judges.

Concerto Competition winners:

Helen Kim - Flute Cup

Esther Oh - Violin Award and Overall Winner

Matilda Hol - Viola Cup

Jessica Marshall - Brass Cup

Erica Hu - Piano Cup

Finalists  -  Anastasia Sun, Ella Riley, Eleanor Christiansen, Elise Ji 

Adjudicator - Stephen de Pledge 


Aria Competition winners: 

Holly Graney - 3rd

Emily Paramore - 2nd

Hattie Johnston - 1st

Keltie Kewan Young - Most Promising

Finalists -  Sunny Zhang, Emma Parton, Arabella Tuck, Eva Wen

Adjudicator -  Clare Hood